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20 Ways to Preserve Your Cell Phone Battery Life

November 25th 2008 10:49
Category: Mobile Phones
There are many people who use their cell phones for just a phone to have in case of an emergency, but there are so many more people who use their cell phones for everything… Cell phones are now used as home phones, in addition to a device that can deliver emails, texting, pictures, videos, games, custom ringtones, internet browsers, alarms, calendars, and so much more. And, with all the usage that we do get out of our cell phones, it can run the battery down fast!

The more we have to plug in our cell phones, the more energy we use, so by following at least a few of the following guidelines, you can increase the length of your cell phone battery and save on your electricity bill even by a few bucks.

1. Energy Saving Settings – If you search through your phone for just a few minutes, you’ll find that most cell phones, especially smartphone’s offer energy saving settings that will help preserve the battery life. You will want to check the Settings menu for Blackberry and Windows Mobile devices.

Make sure that you turn down your screen’s brightness because the brighter the screen, the more power you are using, and shorten the time for your phone’s backlight.

2. Talk – The more that you use your cell phone for emails and texts, the faster your battery will die, so instead of shooting that email, dial the number and talk because sending texts and emails use about 4 times more battery than a quick phone call.

3. Updates – Make sure that you frequently check for updates for your cell phone. Most companies tend to improve power consumption with each new version, so by checking for new updates, you’ll be on top of your phone’s most up-to-date software.

4. Reduce Push E-Mails and Updates – Push e-mail services means that your smartphone checks for new incoming emails constantly, which guzzles your cell phone’s battery, but there are settings that you can opt to have the e-mail services to only check every 10 minutes or so. You may have to speak with the IT department with your cell phone company to set this up, though. This will also help other web services such as instant messaging, navigation tools, stocks, news, sports, and weather checkers that periodically update.

5. Reduce Alerts – Turn off visual or audible alerts for new messages. Or, you may be able to select incoming messages from certain contacts and have only messages from those contacts create a visual or audible alert.

6. Check the Time – During certain times of the day, making calls will use less battery power. For example, making a call at 3 A.M. is going to use less battery than making a call at 5 P.M.

7. Watch Your Location – Areas with more electrical noise will use more power. For example, making a call at an outdoor park will use less battery power than making a call at a mall where tons of other people are using their cell phones and electrical devices.

8. Slow Down – When you use a 3G service such as HSPA or EV-DO, you are using more power than an older, slower 2.5G service such as EDGE or 1xRTT. And, since not all applications require the top speed, you probably won’t notice much difference between the 2.5G and 3G services.

9. Corded Headsets – Bluetooth headsets have their own radio, which will use more battery power, so if you switch to a corded headset you won’t use a separate radio and you won’t be running your battery down. Although, these headsets don’t look as cool, many people think you actually get better audio quality with the wired headsets.

10. Auto Shut-Off Feature – Some cell phones, such as Blackberries, have automatic settings that will such off your cell phone at a specific time. You can have you cell phone automatically shut of during times where you know that you won’t need the usage, such as while sleeping, and you won’t forget to turn it back on because the cell phone will power on automatically at your set time.

11. Recharge Early – Believe it or not, if you let your lithium ion battery run down too far before recharging, you will use more power recharging. So, if you have the option, recharge your battery at 80% instead of 40%. But, about once every few months, you want to run down the battery completely and then recharge it; although this doesn’t result in longer battery life, it will reset the built-in software that tells you how much charge your battery has left, which will offer more accurate readings in the future.

11. Keep it cool – Never leave your cell phone in hot places because this will drain your battery’s ability to hold a charge.

12. Keep a Spare – If you frequently push your batty to its limits, you’ll want to keep a spare with you. You can usually find cell phone batteries ranging from $10 to $30, depending on your cell phone.

*Note: iPhones do not have replaceable batteries, so this tip will not benefit those with iPhones.

13. Extended-Life Battery – These batters are typically sold by cellular operators and phone vendors; they are also just a little bit bigger than your standard battery, which may cause your cell phone to bulge a little. But, all in all, the extended life batteries last longer than a typical cell phone battery, and they cost anywhere from $10 to $30, depending on your cell phone model. They will increase your talk time about 25% to 50%

*Note: iPhones do not have replaceable batteries, so this tip will not benefit those with iPhones.

14. Portable Power Supply – You can purchase Power Packs that will help you recharge your battery with fuel-cell technology. A full charged portable power supply can provide your cell phone anywhere from 3 to 30 hours of talk time, so make sure to check the fine print before you purchase one. Top brands to consider include Medis, Solio, and Big Wave Power.

Flickr Image by brenda.
Portable Battery Charger

15. Emergency Power Supply – As a last resort, you may want to have an emergency power supply. These are typically lighter and cheaper than the portable power supply packs, but they do not have as much of a charge. You can purchase disposable emergency power supply packs from Cellboost or a rechargeable emergency supply pack by Turbo Charge (which is powered by an AA battery).

16. Delete Animated Wallpaper – Although it looks cool, the animated wallpaper sucks up a lot of power. The still shots will save your battery’s power.

17. Simple Ringtones – Instead of downloading and saving MP3 ringtones, stick with the default ringers, as the simpler the ringtone, the less power your phone will use when it goes off.

18. Shut Off Features – When you aren’t using Wi-Fi, Bluetooth, GPS, and other applications, shut them off, as they will drain your phone’s batter. More importantly, if you’re roaming, just turn the entire phone off because while searching for a tower, you phone will drain its battery.

19. Limit Photo Features – Although having a camera phone is great, the more that you use the flash and photo editing features, the more you drain your battery, so try limiting how often you use the photo features.

20. Clean the Battery – Simple battery maintenance will help your battery work efficiently. Every now and then clean the dust from the contacts and make sure that everything is good to go where you insert your battery.

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Comment by Morgan Bell

November 25th 2008 12:16
great tips Whitney!

ive been having problems with my mobile phone battery lately, i might take it out and give it a clean and change all the energy saving settings before i just go buy a new one!

this has been a very helpful post!

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